A Fading Dreamscape for all lost souls

Well that was an emotional drive back to school

Did a lot of reflecting moving back to my room for school. Thought back on all the happiest moments of the summer and all the memories that will stick in my heart forever. There were some things that never happend, but the ones that did, they mean the world to me =]

And then I looked to the future and started getting really emotional and teary eyed. This coming year holds so many dreams that will come true, and I guarantee I will cry at some of them.
I can’t wait for them all to arrive. This year is going to be great 

honesty hour


ask me anything you want; my opinion, personal questions, etc. Anon or not, I’ll answer everything :)

It’s always honesty hour so never be afraid to ask lovely peoples ^_^

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Holiday Cocktail Dress Photoset #5- Ice Glacier Blue

beautiful dresses 

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Anime that start off strong but end up being shit is the reason why I have trust issues

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Time to get my first and last sleep for a while in my first bed at my parents house since I was 16 haha.

First bed in this house too =P